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ISO Rating

The Insurance Service Organization evaluates and assesses fire protection municipalities and counties throughout the United States.  In each community, ISO analyses data on fire protection (generally from what is known as Fire Suppression Rating Schedule or FSRS) and assigns each district a Public Protection Classification number. These numbers range from a Class 1 to a Class 10.
The Hartsel Fire Protection District has an ISO rating of 9 if your home is within five (5) road miles of any of our 6 stations. Outside of that the ISO rating is 10. We are always working as a Department to improve our ISO rating.

HARTSEL FIRE STATIONS ADDRESSES                                        

  • HEADQUARTERS - 131 ELM ST, Hartsel                                                                              
  • STATION #1 -86 Valley Avenue, Hartsel                                      
  • STATION #2  -29 Yellowstone Rd., Wildwood                                                       
  • STATION #3 -501 Ranch Rd., Ranch of the Rockies                        
  • STATION #4  -7183 Comanche Trail, Hartsel Ranches                                 
  • STATION #5 - 100 Campfire Rd., Ranch of the Rockies                                                       
  • STATION #7 -625 Aspen Trail, Badger Creek Ranch